Encouraging the appreciation, observation, study, conservation and protection of all components of the natural world.

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Nature Calgary Education Grant – School Year 2017 – 2018

Nature Calgary’s Education Grant initiative is in its 4th year of funding to support schools in the City of Calgary that require financial aid for a project that teaches students to appreciate, observe, study and respect nature and the outdoors in Calgary and area. See here to read reports from previous education grant events!

A school can apply for the funding once in a school year – September to June.

Applications will be accepted throughout the year - once an application is submitted the committee will evaluate the submission and the school will be notified within one month. If the application is submitted in June for the following year, the school will be notified in early September. The application must be for the school the teacher will be teaching at in the fall.

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Nature Calgary is very thankful to  Edmonton Community Foundation for their generous donations.

Objectives of the Grant

  • To fulfill our Mission Statement: “Encouraging the appreciation, observation, study, conservation and protection of all components of the natural world.”
  • To support schools who need funding for programs that involve students in a natural surrounding.
  • To give students the opportunity to appreciate nature and all it has to offer.
  • To develop in students an understanding that everything in nature is connected and that it is important to protect the natural environment and become an environmental steward.

 Grant Guidelines

  • This grant is to support schools in the City of Calgary who would like to receive financial aid for field trips outside the school grounds that teach students to appreciate, observe, study and respect nature and the outdoors in Calgary and area.


  • Any elementary, middle or junior high school in Calgary that needs extra funding to support field trips involved in exploring the natural environment.
  • One grant per school per school year.

Areas eligible for receiving the grant

  • This grant is to be used for giving Calgary students, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, a chance to experience nature and the outdoors in Calgary and surrounding area (field trips to natural settings, outdoor programs, nature programs out of the school etc.)

 Amount and duration of funding

  • A school can apply for the funding once in a school year. The funding must be used in the time frame stated in the grant application. The maximum amount per application will be $1000.00.

 How to apply

  • Fill in the Application Form – Save the application “Your School Name_Month_Year” and  submit to grants@naturecalgary.com. Have the application form filled in completely. If there are questions prior to submitting the application form, contact us with your query.

Funding Criteria

  1. The funds must be used for the proposed activity and expenses in the application.
  2. Grant funds may not be used to support remuneration, honorariums or salaries for the person applying for the grant.
  3. The funds will be given to the school if the application is approved by the Grant Committee.
  4. The application should include a complete list of all items or expenses to be incurred.
  5. The school must send a short report (200 words or less) to the Nature Calgary Grant Committee indicating what the students did or learned on the field trip. If the report is not received within the allotted time, Nature Calgary may ask for the funding to be returned and the school will not be eligible for funding the following year. This report is due one month following the conclusion of the activity.
  6. The report must also include the actual costs incurred compared to the original approved budget.
  7. If the funding is not used, then it is to be returned to Nature Calgary.

 Project Budget – Use of Funding

  • In the application, indicate what the funds will be used for  – the amounts can be estimates and following the activity, the actual amounts spent are to be sent in with the report.
  • Do not submit receipts with the report. The school must retain the receipts for a period of 15 months (from the time of the approval of the application), and if they are requested by Nature Calgary, then they are to be submitted.
  • The following can be included in the budget – equipment that may be needed to support the activity, buses, program fees, etc. If unsure if your needs meet the criteria, email the contact above.

Decision Process

  • The Nature Calgary Education Grant Committee meets periodically to assess the grants applications submitted.
  • The Nature Calgary Grant Committee will email the school to let them know whether they have received the funding or not, within one month of the application being submitted.

Application Form – Save the application “Your School Name_Month_Year”