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Bird Study Group

Nature Calgary’s Bird Study Group’s goal is to encourage birding in the Calgary area and beyond, by helping local birders develop their knowledge and skills. Our members are active local birders of all skill levels who are keen to share their knowledge and experiences.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month (except June, July, August) with speakers, announcements, and quizzes, all specifically about birds – and a chance to meet other birders over coffee and cookies. See the Events page for details.

eBird Training: Nature Calgary is again offering eBird training sessions for our members.  These are hands-on classes, in a computer lab training facility.  If you wish to attend a session please register by emailing birdstudy@naturecalgary.com .

Bird Counts: The Bird Study Group also organizes the Christmas Bird Count in our region, and members participate in the May Species Counts. Watch for announcements on this page about these important count schedules.

For Calgary-area birding information, check our Birding Locations and Birding Resources pages.

Contact: Chair of BSG, Andrew Hart, 403-279-5209 or birdstudy@naturecalgary.com

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Upcoming Bird Counts

  • 14 Dec 2014

    Calgary Christmas Bird Count and Feederwatch 2014

    Counts are all day (except for Fish Creek), but you may leave early. Everyone, regardless of skill level, is invited to participate. Please count mammals in addition to birds.
    Compilers request that participants register as soon as possible to facilitate planning and notifying people if a count is postponed due to inclement weather.  If you participated last year, you have been sent an email with details, and you should contact your Team Leader or Route Coordinator to confirm this year’s participation. Compiler is Phil Cram, 403-228-4142 or    
    New participants are warmly welcomed and should contact the Route Coordinator for the part of the Calgary that you’d like to count in:

    North: John McFaul (403) 289-9517 or  

    East: Terry Korolyk (403) 254-1878 or  

    West: Jim Washbrook (403)282-8849 or  

    South: Dan Arndt (403) 836-7405 or  

    New participants wanting to join Feederwatch, please contact Donna Wieckowski at (403) 276-7799 or  

    Wind–up dinner:  Following the count (from 5 pm on) all participants including Feederwatchers, are warmly invited by Jim Washbrook and Ann Kyle (403-613-9216) to the Prairiesky cohousing complex at 403-31 Ave NE, to compile results and have supper. Park on the north side on 31st Ave, go up stairs to the centre courtyard, and turn right to the common house. They would be pleased to hear from anyone who can contribute any side dishes, salads, or desserts.

    We have decided to dispense with a fixed charge for the dinner and will instead be accepting voluntary donations to cover the cost of the dinner, as well as making a contribution to Nature Calgary and Bird Studies Canada. (Recall that Bird Studies Canada no longer collects a $5 participation fee for the count.)  Here’s how it will work: Before the dinner, please send a cheque to Nature Calgary, P.O. Box 981, Station M, Calgary AB T2P 2K4.  Mark on the cheque that it is a donation for the Christmas Bird Count. Donations over $20 will receive an official CRA tax receipt. If you do not have an opportunity to make a donation before the dinner, you can do so on the evening.  You may also make a donation online, but please email    to inform him that you have made a Christmas Bird Count donation.

    Check Bird Studies Canada site for other bird counts in Alberta .

  • 16 Dec 2014

    High River Christmas Bird Count

    Contact Greg Wagner, 403-333-1200

  • 20 Dec 2014

    Banff/Canmore Christmas Bird Count

    Contact: Heather Dempsey,

  • 21 Dec 2014

    Nanton Christmas Bird Count

    Contact Mike Truch 403-829-6986

  • 23 Dec 2014

    Horseshoe Canyon Christmas Bird Count

    Contact Mike Harrison  403-236-4700