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Volunteer: Call of the Wetland Amphibian Monitoring

by Nature Calgary in News.

To better understand the health of Calgary’s wetlands, Miistakis Institute, Enbridge, Parks Foundation Calgary, Alberta Conservation Association and the Calgary Zoo have developed “Call of the Wetland”, a citizen science program that enables the public to monitor amphibians as an important indicator of wetland health. There are 6 amphibian species in the surrounding rural landscape; three are listed as species at risk. Currently very little is known about amphibians in the City of Calgary.

Call of the Wetland aims to engage Calgarians in understanding the health of wetlands through monitoring of amphibians and enabling a connection to nature in the City. The long term outcome of Call of the Wetland is to better understand the health of wetlands within the City of Calgary and to build a community of knowledgeable citizens to champion wetland protection and restoration.

See here for how to participate!