Encouraging the appreciation, observation, study, conservation and protection of all components of the natural world.

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Cotoneaster acutifolia © Anne K. Elliott

Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation:  RMERF is looking for more observers to assist with its spring and fall eagle and raptor counts in Kananaskis Country.   This is an important contribution to citizen science, monitoring the Golden Eagle migration pathway along the Front Ranges.   More information about observing and workshops

Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society and NC are partners in a research project that is supported by staff from the City of Calgary and Cows & Fish, to investigate the control of invasive shrubs in riparian areas. The project will take place in the Weaselhead over the next three years, starting in May/June of 2012. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with this project.

Representation and Partnerships:

Nature Calgary has a long history of being involved in environmental matters in the Calgary area, and currently has representatives on the following advisory boards or committee:

  • Stanley Park redevelopment: Sarah Nevill
  • Bowmont Park NEPC: Horst Grothman
  • Nose Hill NEPC: Jamie Noakes
  • Calgary Regional Wetlands Committee: Bob Pella
  • Paskapoo Slopes NEPC: Suzanne Visser
  • Calgary River Forum Society: Jamie Noakes
  • Weed Lake Management Committee: Bob Pella, Ian Halladay
  • Bend in the Bow park management project (City of Calgary):  Cassiano Porto, Ian Ross, John McFaul