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eBird Calgary 2015

Common Redpoll

Common Redpoll
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 The 2015 competition is over. Congratulations to all the participants!

Prizes were awarded at Birds ‘n’ Beers on Jan 29, 2016.  Photos and full list are on the Birds Calgary Blog.

“It was a lot of fun to get together and reward the winners, and to hear them talk about their birding year. Many of the competitors have told us that they really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot, whether discovering new birding locations, where to find particular species, patterns of bird movements, or using eBird as a tool and a resource. I hope we have helped some of the competitors to become better birders and to get involved in the local birding community. The use of eBird increased greatly in our region in 2015 and we hope to see this continue.” …Bob Lefebvre and Dan Arndt, competition organizers

The eBird Calgary 2015 competition has provided a fun and challenging opportunity for Calgary-area birders to learn about birds and birding locations in the region, and to share and preserve their sightings on eBird, thus contributing to the global database of birding knowledge.

The organizers of the eBird Calgary 2015 birding competition are grateful to the sponsors who have donated prizes:

The Wild Bird Store

Burrcan Holdings Ltd (Joe Novecosky)

2600-144 4 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
T2P 3N4
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An Anonymous Donor Phil Evans    Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society
Lynne Colborne Richard Schulze Lynn Wilsack
Susan Thierman Phil Cram


The Competition:

This is an opportunity for birders  to improve birding skills, meet like-minded birders, and enjoy Calgary’s outdoors.

A group of local birders, sponsored by Nature Calgary, have organized a birding competition entitled eBird Calgary 2015. It will be held in Calgary and surrounding areas, and run from January 1 through December 31, 2015. The competition has two important goals. The first goal is to promote the enjoyment and preservation of birds and their habitats by encouraging birders of all ages, especially children under the age of sixteen, to discover the gifts Mother Nature provides right here in our local area.

Competition Circle:
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Species identified during the year within an eighty kilometre radius of the midpoint of Calgary’s Centre Street Bridge will be counted. For a map showing the competition boundaries, click the small map.

In addition to prizes for the most species identified, several other categories for prizes have been created. These include the Big Day, Big Year Yard List, and the Best Bird Find of the Year.  Each quarter, the leading competitors will be recognized with a prize.

The second goal for the 2015 competition is to encourage local birders to upload their bird sighting data to the eBird website. Created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, eBird is an international website where data is collected, stored and shared with millions of people around the world. Birders, educators, land managers, ornithologists, conservation biologists and government environmental departments make use of this database. Each contribution we make to eBird increases our knowledge and understanding of the distribution, richness and uniqueness of the biodiversity of our planet, helps us better understand how our environment is changing and, most importantly, what the consequences might be.

How to set up a patch on eBird: The name of the patch for the eBird Calgary 2015 Competition is 2015 Calgary Patch Challenge, CA-AB. In order to record all the birds you have seen during the year and so the organizers can track the sightings, you need to set up a patch and name it 2015 Calgary Patch Challenge, CA-AB. Instructions on how to set up a patch can be found on eBird here:  Setting up a patch. Once you have a patch set up and you go birding in a site within your patch are you need to add that site to your patch. Here is how to add a site to your patch.

Download Competition Rules for eBird Calgary 2015

For details, tips, and updates as the year progresses, see www.birdscalgary.com

Please email  with any questions.  Members with userid/password questions click here.  Registration for the competition is now closed.

To see which bird species are being reported on eBird in the Calgary area, see Birdtrax for Calgary.