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Bird sighting archives

@ L. L. Vaxvick

As of July 2015, Andrew Hart has loaded about 19,000 bird checklists, comprising 225,000 bird sightings, to eBird. These sightings date from 1986 to 2001, and were originally on paper forms submitted by CFNS members, then transcribed to a database by Olga Droppo and Mairi Babey. In eBird they will appear as owned by “Nature Calgary”. Original observers will be listed in the comment section of the uploaded checklist.  Click for Andrew’s article about the history and process of loading this data.

The original paper forms looked like this, and were sometimes accompanied by field notes as shown below:

The following annual reports describe sightings of numerous species in southern Alberta, including rarities.  Some of these files are very large (as much as 13 Mb).

Scanned images of the paper forms will be loaded below gradually.  Note that these files are at least 6 Mb so they will take some time to load.  If you wish to have access to scanned files which are not yet loaded here, please contact webmaster@naturecalgary.com.