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BSG – Cruise the World for Birds

by Nature Calgary in Bird Study Group, Speaker Series.

Date: 4 Apr 2018, 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Contact: Andrew Hart 403- 279-5209

Pre-registration Required? No



Cruise the World for Birds, presented by Chris Fisher. Join best-selling Birds of Alberta author and popular keynote speaker Chris Fisher for a worldwide journey for birds and for meaning.  For more than five years, Chris served as lecturer/naturalist for a major cruise line.  From Alaska to the Antarctic and Stockholm to Samoa, birds were a constant, yet ever-changing companion to his voyages.  This presentation will not only be a natural history showcase of little-seen pelagic species, but will also show how our wildlife encounters enrich our lives and create most cherished moments.

Location: Cardel Theatre in Quarry Park. View Map of Cardel Theatre.