Encouraging the appreciation, observation, study, conservation and protection of all components of the natural world.

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  1. To promote and assist in the preservation of native habitat and of natural features.
  2. To provide publications and educational opportunities for the membership and the public.
  3. To promote the collection of natural history observations for statistical and educational purposes.
  4. To engage in any activity ancillary to the achievement of the above objectives.

Nature Calgary holds meetings, organizes field trips and has in the past published a number of natural history books, including guides to natural areas of the city or greeting cards. We also advocate for the preservation of natural areas within the Calgary area. For example we were involved with the development of the Weed Lake area in partnership with Ducks Unlimited.

We are involved in the following activities.

Speaker Series: are held, September through May on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. These feature audio/visual presentations and lectures by natural history specialists, researchers or members of Nature Calgary who share their travels to various parts of the world. Topics range from bats to birds to quasars and nature reserves. Non-members are invited to attend to learn more about Nature Calgary.

Bird Study Group: meets the 1st Wednesday of the month from September to May. Field trips for birding are also organized year round. Meetings feature birding related topics such as: bird count information and updates, bluebird box information, research related to birds or members who are willing to share their birding trips to various parts of the world.

Botany Group: Field trips are posted in our Field Trip section and are held during the spring and summer.

Field Trips: are led by knowledgeable, volunteer naturalists in the Calgary area, throughout the year. Members prowl for owls in February, admire orchids on the summer solstice, or take bus trips to more distant natural areas.

Volunteering: There are many opportunities to get involved with us. You can lead a field trip, be a speaker at a meeting, join the Board of Directors or help at any of the special events that are held during the year. Get Involved!

Bus Trip: An annual nature bus trip takes place in June.

Waterton Trip: An annual weekend trip to Waterton Park is held mid- July.

Banquet: An annual banquet is held in November with a featured speaker.