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Speaker Series

  • 7 Sep 2016 7:30 pm

    BSG: Sharing the Skies
  • ...Bird and Wildlife Management at Calgary International Airport, presented by Gary Kindrat. The presentation will focus on the Calgary International Airport’s Wildlife Management Program, and will discuss the regulatory requirement, players involved in the plan development, and implementation and control techniques. Gary Kindrat is the Calgary Airport Authority's Wildlife Program Manager, and has 30 yrs experience in the environmental field, mostly in waterfowl research and management.
  • 20 Sep 2016 7:30 pm

    Wolf and Coyote Predation in NE Alberta
  • Dr Gilbert Proulx will discuss Wolf and Coyote predation on livestock in Northest Alberta, how to increase producers' understanding of wildlife depredation, and preventive practices.  Dr Proulx is Director of Science at Alpha Wildlife Research & Management Ltd, and is interested in wildlife ecology and management, specializing in mammalogy. He has studied populations and habitats of ungulates, rodents and carnivores in North America and tracked mammals in Africa and South America. His activities focus on forest and agriculture ecosystems: i) searching for solutions to conflicts between humans and wildlife; ii) studying the habitat requirements of species at risk and species of economic importance; iii) developing new technology to capture and study animals; and iv) producing textbooks, field guides,& educational material for the public and wildlife professionals.
  • 5 Oct 2016 7:30 pm

    BSG: Birding Colombia: Central and Santa Marta regions
  • ...presented by Mark Rubensohn.  Starting his talk in Bogota, Colombia, Mark will take you on a birdwatching tour through a myriad of different habitats and elevations and share some of the excitement and travails of traveling in this exotic destination. We will fly to Santa Marta and travel to the top of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which was recently the domain of the rebel anti-government groups, and then end at Riohaca lagoons.
    Mark grew up in South Africa where he was fortunate to be exposed to the abundant wildlife of Southern Africa. When Mark emigrated from South Africa he had a checklist of over 700 local species. Mark graduated as a veterinarian and worked in Namibia, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Calgary and Okotoks.
    He has birded in North America, Israel, Mexico, Cuba, Peru and Europe, and his most recent trip was to Colombia.
    After the presentation Mark will be happy to discuss recommendations for travel to Colombia.
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